What is Talking Circle?

TS will have a phone lines throughout the day with different topics so members can choose and call in to speak with other members. The call is not recorded. Members can stay anonymous if they choose. The topics are unlimited about challenges and triumphs in life. The call is one hour long. TS will have our trained moderators to manage the flow. This product is designed to have peer to peer sharing experience, who has been there, done that. TS will not provide professional opinions or advice. TS is just a platform provider.

What is Sharing Circle?

Members can also share their creativity such as a song, a story, a joke. A member can read, sing, tell the joke or share new creative ideas by simply uploading a video or audio. Other members listen and give instant feedback.

What is Talking Diary?

Members can have their own audio safety box where they can record any message to others; there will be no time limit for this service. Members can erase earlier recording, add pictures, documents, video, instruction. This product is designed to make sure members can leave whatever they’d like to share with their loved ones for when the day comes when they’re no longer around. Members give TS instruction and contact information so TS can deliver the audio box when time has arrived.

Is the Talking Circle really anonymous?

Yes. You have a choice when setting up your profile to put your real name or not, as your name is the only thing that appears on the screen during the phone call. We understand that anonymity allows people more freedom to share.

Do I have to talk or can I just listen to the call?

You can just listen, there is never any pressure to talk. Our phone calls are only one hour, leaving time for only 10-12 people to share per call. You will sign up ahead of time if you are interested in talking or just listening.

Are the Hosts trained?

The hosts go through a training on compassionate listening and how to manage the calls. Our Hosts are typically people that have a lot of experience and/or passion in helping others.

Where does the name TalkingStick come from?

The TalkingStick is a tool used in many Native American Traditions when a council or gathering is called. It allows all members to present their Sacred Point of View. The TalkingStick is passed from person to person as they speak and only the person holding the stick is allowed to talk during that time period. Whoever holds the TalkingStick has within their hands the sacred power of words.

A TalkingStick is used in the opening and closing of ceremonies or gatherings. It can also be used during the discussion process to ensure that all sacred voices are heard.

The role of everyone else in the circle is to listen with their hearts, to be fully present to what is being said. It can be tempting for one to begin thinking about or practicing in their head what they are going to say, so when the stick comes you are ready. In the ceremony space, we listen and speak from our heart, not from our head. Your heart knows what to say. It is our shared listening and attention that allows for more depth and clarity in the shared space. Listening is a gift to the speaker.

Listening and understanding instills respect for those in attendance. As a result, at meetings or ceremonies, no one is left out of the process unless they have no comment. This methodology becomes a shared commitment. We pass the TalkingStick with everyone stating their name and reason why they have come or some other specific topic relevant to the purpose of the gathering. This sets the circle for a well-intentioned meeting, even if it is for decision-making, brainstorming or conflict resolution.

We give thanks to our Ancestors for this powerful medicine. Aho. Sun Otter Martinico

How do I become a Host?

TS is always looking for people who are passionate about helping other people. Please contact Sally at sally@talkingstickforum.com to start the process.

I know TalkingStick does not record the calls, but can others?

It is against the law for anyone to record a call without the permission of the group.
We would love to hear from you! Please email us with suggestions for better service! support@talkingstickforum.com

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