TalkingStick is a service that provides a telephone forum for people to share their life experiences. In today’s technologically savvy world, our voices get lost in texts, emails and surfing the web. TalkingStick brings back real conversations with real people who really want to talk and listen. TalkingStick revolutionizes the new era of communication by revitalizing the power of our voice. We provide a respectful forum where callers can voice their life experiences, thoughts, ideas, or simply enjoy being heard. Because YOU matter, let’s talk.

ABOUT TalkingStick

TalkingStick is the vision of Ms. Sherry Dang. Over the past seven years, in between the operating of five convenient stores, two attempted startups and a notebook full of entrepreneurial ideas, TalkingStick kept tugging at Sherry’s heart. Is this the perfect combination of business and service? Of technology and human connection? Is the timing right for something like TalkingStick?

Sherry’s vision for TalkingStick was born from her life experiences and her genuine attention to people's stories. She has noticed a reoccurring theme in these stories and experiences...a need to be understood by somebody going through or who has been through the same thing. She's found that “Me Too” can literally be a lifeline for people in desperate situations.

Since Sherry’s vision first came to her, our world has exploded in technology and the whole landscape of how we communicate has changed. Communication is frequent, short, fast and vast. We have information literally at our fingertips. BUT information is different than connection. Are we really connecting with one another? Are we losing our ability to listen and have some of those “me too” conversations?

Conversations brings about change. Sharing stories brings connection. People are longing for a deeper connection. Without it, we become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety and clinical depression. The benefits of talking, sharing and listening are many.

There is power and healing in circles, where people simply share their stories and struggles with others in similar situations, one gets to be heard, acknowledged and knows they are not alone. Native Americans used a TalkingStick, creating a culture of honor and respect.

The vision of TalkingStick is simple. We are using our modern day technology to bring back the ancient way of communicating, in a figurative circle using our voices. In these circles, we hope to create a sense of community, belonging, respect and support.


  Sherry Dang is a refugee from Vietnam who arrived in America in 1982. Living in Watsonville, California just south of San Francisco, Sherry has been a small business owner since 1989. Having started many successful businesses, Sherry comes with an abundance of knowledge and is not afraid of failing. Sherry strongly believes that America is the land of opportunity. In fact, she is an idea factory; she loves working in the startup world where thinking out of the box is the norm. TalkingStick has been in her vision for seven years and is finally coming into fruition.

Sherry Dang's Interview with Monica Karst on Bold Radio Station


  Kirk di Cicco is a California native, a father, grandfather, husband and small business owner. His hobbies include gardening, cooking, sailing but most of all can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. A skeptic about TalkingStick at first, today he is one of the strongest advocates and is a passionate believer in the mission.

  Angela Toyofuku - As a successful corporate buyer for 20 years, my primary objective has been to build strong relationships and partnerships with my clients. As a founding team member of TalkingStick, it brings me great joy to have an opportunity to serve others. TalkingStick is more than a job; it is my mission to help people be better. TalkingStick is the solution for people that need to be heard.

  Angelica Martinez was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Angelica (Guzman) Martinez has had a variety of job titles such as Telemarketing, Sales, Administrative Assistant, Real Estate Agent, Account Representative, Human Resources as well as many odd end jobs like translating and group facilitating. For the last 12 years, Angelica has been working as an independent contractor with a local business woman where she wears many hats. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Watsonville Police Activities League and loves volunteering within the community. Angelica lives in Watsonville with her husband and three boys. Some of her favorite activities include cooking, baking, camping and going on long drives (as long as she’s driving – she get’s car sick.) Angelica knows firsthand what an entrepreneur sounds like, acts like and hustles like since her parents were multiple restaurant owners. So were her grandparents. Coincidence that she is now working for a start-up? We think not.

 Sally Adams has been the co-owner of Village Yoga in downtown Santa Cruz for fifteen years. Teaching yoga has taught her a lot about people and their struggles. VY provides a safe space for people to work out their challenges by using their bodies and breath in a community atmosphere. Sally hopes to provide another safe space through TalkingStick that creates a sense of community, connection and compassion by using our voices. Her mission is to help people feel better and is very excited to reach millions of people through the TalkingStick platform.

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